St. Louis Area HVAC Maintenance

    Make the Smart Choice & Get Routine Service for Your HVAC Systems

    AC MaintenanceThere’s nothing worse than turning on your HVAC system on the hottest or coldest day of the year only for it to not power on or distribute air at a desired temperature.

    Fortunately, there’s a way to prevent this from happening and to keep your HVAC system working hard when you need it the most.

    At Agers Heating & Air Conditioning, we recommend signing up for our Premier Plus membership which includes regular check-ups to help you elongate your system’s lifespan. Although normal wear and tear are inevitable, routine maintenance helps us catch and repair smaller issues before they become large and costly ones.


    Benefits of Premier Plus Membership:

    Priority Service and Scheduling – Premier Plus Members have the advantage of priority service and scheduling status, which means you have the quickest response to emergencies and the quickest solution to your problem.
    Comfort of Mind – Have comfort of mind knowing that you are a Priority Plus Member, which includes two maintenance visits a year. This will help your system have a prolonged lifespan, avoid breakdowns, and avoid untimely repairs no matter the age of your equipment.
    Long-Term Savings – Feel the effects of being a Premier Plus Member not only in your comfort at home, but also in your wallet. Agers Heating & Air Conditioning offers a 10% discount to all parts and repairs, and we are dedicated to keeping your system running at its fullest energy efficiency, saving you money.
    Payments Your Way – Agers Heating & Air Conditioning wants to make being a Premier Plus Member as easy as possible, which means payments your way. We offer a convenient monthly payment plan that charges directly to your credit or debit card so there are no surprises.

    Member Perks – Take advantage of our many member perks, including monthly giveaways, optimized monitoring of Lennox Smart Thermostats, and 10% off all diagnostic rates.
    Excellent for New and Existing Systems – Considering a Premier Plus Membership for your system? Members enjoy the first year of membership free after purchasing a new system from Agers Heating & Air Conditioning, and have the peace of mind knowing their warranties are maintained through an authorized dealer.

    *$20 monthly pricing on first system, reach out to us for multi-system pricing