An AC maintenance in St. Peters, MO includes a thorough inspection of the unit, both inside and out. We look for cracks, signs of rust and other issues that should be addressed immediately to improve the overall efficiency and performance of the unit. It also includes a thorough cleaning and a realignment of all shifted parts. The entire process is quite quick and should take no more than a day, so you won’t have to experience any service disruptions. During the maintenance, we’ll also take a look at the condition of the filter and help you figure out whether changing it to a new one may be best for the system.

The current recommendation is to get an AC tune-up in St. Peters at least once a year. Usually, most experts recommend getting the tune-up during mid-to-late spring, so you have plenty of time to correct any issues that have popped up. It’s also a good time to make sure that nothing has shifted or rusted during the winter months and prepares your unit for the long summer months ahead.