Homeowners can improve their indoor air in St. Charles, MO with a ductless air conditioning installation from Agers Heating & Air Conditioning. Saving money and getting more comfort is a good way to manage any household budget. A mini-split unit allows you to control the temperature year-round in each room at a reasonable cost. Our company installs, repairs, and maintains ductless equipment for local property owners. Whether you require a single unit installed or wish to build a system of mini-splits, let us know. We’d be happy to show you how a ductless system can be economical and efficient.

Instead of running a temperature system designed to address the whole home, a ductless unit may be a better choice. A single unit placed in a room helps you heat or cool as the season requires. When the room is unoccupied, you can turn off the unit to save money. It’s a way to save on both upfront costs and monthly utility expenses.