Scheduling AC maintenance in St. Charles, MO at least once a year will keep your system in pristine condition. With each use, various parts and components will start to shift out of place or may come loose. These parts all need to be returned back to their original position. AC maintenance includes not only a realignment of all parts, but also a thorough inspection and cleaning. We’ll get all the dirt, dust and other contaminants out of the system. You’ll notice a huge improvement in the quality of the air that gets circulated within your home.

The best time to get an AC tune-up in St. Charles is during mid-to-late spring. This prepares the unit for the heavy workload that’s incoming. Ideally, you want to repair all issues before summer arrives. If you rely too heavily on your AC even though it needs to be repaired, you run the risk of irreversibly damaging the unit or causing the unit to sustain severe damages that result in large repair bills.