Routine AC maintenance in Eureka, MO should happen at least once a year even if your unit looks like it’s in good condition and running smoothly. Often times, minor problems won’t affect the unit’s performance and efficiency until it has become a larger problem. By then, you’ll need to fork over a lot more money to fix the problem. In severe situations, you might even have to experience long service disruptions while you wait for replacement parts to be ordered in. If you catch the problems early on, you can correct them with little difficulty. Most repairs can be done within a day and will be cheap to fix.

To catch minor problems and to keep your unit as efficient as possible, we highly recommend that you schedule an AC tune-up in Eureka during mid-to-late spring. Routine maintenance includes a thorough cleaning of the inside nooks and crannies. Over the winter months, a lot of dirt, dust and other contaminants have likely settled inside the unit. If you turn on the AC before you get it serviced, you might end up circulating a lot of dirty air inside the home. This can be particularly problematic for those with autoimmune disorders and allergies.