To keep your AC in pristine shape and efficiency, we highly recommend scheduling AC maintenance in Chesterfield, MO at least once a year. The best time to schedule the tune-up is during mid-to-late spring. That will give you plenty of time to make any repairs and changes that are deemed necessary. For example, if the maintenance identified a crack in the system, you want to get that patched up before you start to rely on the AC to cool down your home. If the damaged area cannot be patched up, you’ll need to order in replacement parts, which can take some time depending on the brand and model that you own.

An AC tune-up includes not only a thorough inspection of all components, but also a thorough cleaning. This greatly improves the quality of the indoor air and will lower respiratory conditions and symptoms. It’s also beneficial for those who struggle with autoimmune disorders or allergies. During the tune-up, we’ll realign all shifted parts, tighten all loose screws and also change the filter if you opt for that. Changing the filter can also greatly improve the overall efficiency of the unit.